What is there to say except Mike Drury (Left) Ex Pat Devonshire Dumplin with a passion for the finest of malt whiskies and a hate of all matters disempowering and Dru McPherson (Rt) - Real Scot who's Clan were having a party with the locals in Strath Don and missed Culloden by a couple of days, have an unending passion for the place that they live and work in: - "Tomintoul" The Highest Village in the Highlands and the tens of thousands of acres of the surrounding area of Glenlivet and The Cairngorm National Park!

Come and share the experience with a pair o' loones and enjoy the craique. With a dram or two of course.

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It must be noted that although we own the largest bottle of whisky in the world we believe that moderation is always a virtue for both health and social reasons but there is nothing better than a fine malt with a tiny drap of water in it to open the whisky up!

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