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Left: No 1.

The bottling team plus the distillery team at The Tomintoul Distillery with the Bottle that has established the Guinness World Record for the Largest Bottle of Scotch Whisky in the World. Photo by WC Imaging.

Above No 8. Mike Drury (Whisky Castle) and Dru McPherson (The Clockhouse Restaurant Tomintoul) pour in bottles of 14 year Tomintoul. Photo Robert Fleming.

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Above No 4 . Gauger Bob Wilson with Catherine Hastings Solicitor at Law and Judge Alistair Sharp, witnesses to the filling. Photo by WC Imaging.

Centre above: No 5. The bottle at the factory in Germany

Above No 2. the Bottle arrives at the Tomintoul Distillery. Photo by WC Imaging.
Above No 3. Judicious record keeping is paramout and maintained.throughout the process. Karen pastes numbers on the boxes. Photo by WC Imaging.
Above. No 6. The team prepare themselves before the bottling begins. Photo by WC Imaging.

Above No 7. Robert Fleming the Distilleries Director for Angus Dundee pours in the first 70cl. bottle of Tomintoul 14 year old 46% vol non-chillfiltered malt whisky. Photo by WC Imaging.

Above No 9. Robert Fleming, Duncan Baldwin and Steven McNeil do the pouring whilst Nikki and Karen work under the watchful eyes of Bob Wilson the Gauger. Photo by WC Imaging.
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